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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Focus, Bee's Musings

This is my very first post and as such, I’d like to inaugurate my site by featuring Bee from Bee’s Musings and she has been kind enough to indulge me.

I approached her with a few newbie questions and being the cool person she is, she answered them right away.

I'd like to share her most recent post, The Yearly Haunting of Cor-Rut Manor, with the world -or the few who would accidentally stop by- which I found particularly amusing because it relates to many women who have husbands that take their sports teams too seriously.

I e-mailed and asked if this was his typical reaction to all sports, she replied:

“Andy sits there quietly while watching baseball. He has a few more outbursts when he watches hockey and basketball but nothing like when he watches football. I can easily go into our bedroom to get away from him but when his obscenities get out of control, I have to go over there and lay the smack down! … … Just kidding babe.”

I've followed Bee's blog for quite some time. Her anecdotes, and the amusing spin she puts in her telling of them, always make me laugh. Who can't relate to many of her posts about her colleagues? Here are a few of the questions I asked.

What do you suggest I do to let people know about my website and build traffic?


I joined a ton of communities. They’re all linked on my sidebar but the one that has given me the most traffic is Diesel's Humor-Blogs. I started my blog in May of ’07 and my regular commentators were my family. I then left comments on a few blogs and hoped my comments were amusing enough for them to follow me over to my blog. Sadly, only one of them (Brian) fell into my trap.

I then met a few other bloggers by clicking on the next blog random thing.

Lame, some would say but that’s how I met some of the people I call my friends now. I give as examples Elasticwaistbandlady, Jean Knee and NCS whom I met through Elastic.

How I met Tracy is still a mystery to me but she is one of the ones I’d love to meet in person.

Recently, I joined a new community that has helped me get to know new people. The site is Humor Bloggers dot com. It's unique in that there is a lot of interaction amongst its members. The master mind, Chelle B., is making it fun for people to participate.

I would like to clarify one thing, I don’t have as much traffic as a lot of other bloggers but I’m eternally grateful to the people that comment on my blog and subscribe to my feed. I feel completely humbled when I see that people have taken the time to go through my archives. There are many other things I could do to build my traffic but I'm happy with the system I have now. You know, to bug people and threaten torture unless they come over and say "Hi!". I think they will keep coming back if they're threatened.

I’ve been following your blog for some time, I read one post where you say you don’t call yourself a writer, why not?

Due to... well, life, I only have a High School education. To call myself a writer without having the proper training (is that what it's called?) seems very arrogant to me. That is not to say others who do call themselves writers are arrogant, that is just how I feel about myself specifically.

I would hate to go around tooting my own horn and then have some slackjaw say “Oh look at that! She has 40 run on sentences and no point!” I do it for me and I hope to amuse people along the way.

You've handled people criticizing you or leaving you irritating comments in an amusing way, do they ever get to you?

I have gotten a few anonymous comments and even one who was brave enough to correct me non-anonymously regarding my content, writing and/or usage of phrases but I can’t be bothered to care. If they feel the need to point out my deficiencies, something in their lives must be lacking. We should feel sad for those unfortunate fuckers. Uh, sorry, can I say fuckers here? If not feel free to de-l-ete me.

Anyway, in my real life, I have to deal with people, read attorneys, who do their best to belittle me or who would like to see me down. Those are the people that sometimes get to me but if I don't let them see me tremble, why should I care what some person who sits in torn underwear, surfing for man-on-cow porn, has to say? No offense to other torn underwear wearers.


What did you want to be when you grew up?

Grew up? Whatcha talking about Willis???

If I would have been able to continue my studies, I probably would have chosen journalism or anything to do with writing. I’m sure it’s never too late but I’m a lazy old sack now so don’t even suggest I go back to school.

How would those who know you, describe you?

Honestly? They would say I can be nice but I am a no nonsense bitch. I have not patience for moronic behavior and I try to remove myself from situations where I would have to deal with them. I try to make my day to day comical and I do try to make people in my real life laugh but I don't take shit from anybody. Life is too short. ... I think my family loves me anyway...

One last thing, you can't do this and take it seriously. I hope you have fun with your site and that people are nice to you. If they're not, let me know and I'll release a spam virus on their house! Just kidding. Thanks for asking me to be the first. It was an honor and if you need anybody to vouch for you, let me know.

Bee also asked me why I chose her "seeing as how there are other people who would have more traffic therefore more exposure". I came across her blog by accident and I find her self-deprecating style to be hilarious.

If you are not already reading Bee's Musings, what are you waiting for?